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The American Mountain Classic has been canceled.

Which means that I now have a gaping hole staring blankly back at me. To be honest, I had fears about the Classic being shelved. The interest this year seemed absurdly low, but I figured that as the summer progressed, so would the number of registered riders. And now I find myself disappointed, and having to wait yet another year to do that elusive stage race. The Colorado Trail Race may very well be that first foray into multi-day bikepacking, despite my plan to ease into the pool with at least one formal stage race. But perhaps that is for the better?

But for the time being I am asking: “Now what?”

I had The Park City Point to Point as a “wait and see how the AMC goes” race. Now? Well now it is a forgone conclusion. I am in for the PCPP. No question. And in fact the course overview looks fantastic. All the best trails Park City has to offer? Like the E100 was, the PCPP is an easy choice. Especially now. And so maybe that will suffice in filling the gap left open by the AMC. But I’d still love to do something long and competitive in July. But the calendar is dolefully empty. Or, at least,nothing stands out as being both accessible and practical.

However, with the PCPP and now Brad’s announcement of the Gooseberry Epic, September just became amazing. Toss in the Sundance 12 and you have an enormous month of racing. Which ought to be the perfect lead-in for the 24 hours of Moab. And of course this year the question floating around in my ever-warping brain is whether or not race that solo. For as many times as I have sworn never to race solo there ever again, I have also reneged on that promise, only to entertain the dark and evil and seductive thoughts of once again, foolishly and delusionally embarking on that solitary hamster wheel known as Behind the Rocks.

Alas, I am getting ahead of myself.

I can’t help but feel like the rug has been swept out from under my wheels. I was rather looking forward to the AMC. I would lull myself to sleep at night with apparitions of stage wins, leader’s jerseys and podium finishes. I suppose that those finishes will remain phantasms, at least for now. But they will easily adapt themselves to the Park City PP. And anything else I decide to do. That is, delusions of grandeur, being the delusions they are, are easily and readily embedded onto whatever version of reality I am currently pursuing.

Which reminds me: I am going to need to be extra delusional if I have any expectations of finishing the entire Wasatch Classic. 90 miles and 20k of vertical gain? Delusional indeed. Who designed that monstrosity anyway?


  1. Dave Harris
    June 19, 2009

    Adam, I feel your pain brutha, but I have come to help. Look no further:

    The Paunsaugunt Enduro is July 19. 65 and 95 mile options. Beautiful and hard – relatively unknown terrain on much of the route but great MTB riding.

    Put it on your calendar, this was tailor made for you!

  2. LyndaW
    June 19, 2009

    and a new 40 mile option 🙂 Bring the family, it is a nice place to camp in the summer.

  3. mark
    June 21, 2009

    I know road racing isn’t your thing, but the Capitol Reef Classic July 17-18 is an absolutely awesome course and will give you the stage race experience, even if on pavement.

  4. Gene Nacey
    June 22, 2009

    Hey Adam, I know the frustration, as they have done that recently here in PA to a popular race (last year) but despite the doomsday pontificators, it came back this year – so hope is alive! The Wasatch classic sound awesome! I’ve ridden there and those mountains rock. Do you have a link you could share?

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