Under Cloudy Skies

Posted by on Jun 18, 2009 in Bike, Wasatch | One Comment


The rain has fallen intermittently this week. Sometimes in violent outbursts, and other times as a lazy drizzle. There have been pockets of vibrant sunshine, the light breaking through the clouds causing the still wet grass and trees to twinkle and glisten. Surrounding the valley have been constant and threatening storms, deep and purple.

The riding has been excellent.


Trails that are so often rutted and dusty this time of year are tight and smooth. The scorching heat of summer has been stayed and delayed. It will come, and most likely with a vengeance. But right now life is gray and moderate and pleasant. The rain and the muted sun are bringing out the flowers and the color. The green is rich and resounding, a deep and stark background to the intensity of the flowers.

The summer heat is approaching. And I will welcome it when it arrives. I love the long and hot days of July and August. But for now I am embracing the wet and damp of this years rainy season – such as it is here in Utah.


1 Comment

  1. Rich
    June 18, 2009

    Your photos are always great. Thanks for posting them.

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