The Good Times

Posted by on May 13, 2009 in Bike, Wasatch | 4 Comments

The good times are killing me. Here we go!

Got dirt, got air, got water and I know you can carry on.
Shrug off shortsighted false excitement and oh what can I say?
Have one, have twenty more “one mores” and oh it does not relent.

The good times are killing me.

~Modest Mouse, The Good Times


  1. SkiMoab
    May 13, 2009

    Perfect vid Grizz, awesome soundtrack to some sweet shots and editing. Gotta love those trails that open up early for us. If you or anyone wants to meet up for a lunch ride today a few of us will be hitting Big Spring around 11:15.

  2. reabbotted
    May 13, 2009

    Awesome! What’s killing me is having to watch videos like that while at work.

  3. Rick S
    May 13, 2009

    Hey, that’s my lunch ride route. Nice video and great song.

  4. Joel White
    May 13, 2009

    A great song from my favorite band.

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