Enormous Debt

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The American Fork Twin Peaks and Mineral Basin

I can’t help but feel that the attitudes and actions of so many people right now are going to hurt us all in the long run. The short sighted buy-it-now mentality that normally responsible, forward looking folks are demonstrating is alarming. Especially within the last week.

What, you thought I was talking about the economy?

Aaron on the final approach, high above Aspen Grove

No, that is not the debt I am referring to. I am of course, speaking of snow. Last week a monster storm dropped 41 inches of fresh powder in the Cottonwoods. 41 inches. In late March. The feeding frenzy that followed was monumental. Skis that were hung for the summer were thrown haphazardly onto racks and into the back of cars. Bumper to bumper traffic lined the canyon roads.

Everyone wanted a piece of the powder. And luckily, there was enough to go around.

But the bill for the indulgences of the here-and-now will soon come due. At some point we are all going to have to pay for our face shots. And the price required is going to come in the form of wet, snow covered, un-rideable singletrack. Oh, sure the skiing has been fantastic this month. Massive storms have brought massive amounts of snow. But, like last year the spending spree of today will be the post-holing of tomorrow.

But I am finding it hard to care.

All “hip-hop and sh**…

That is how good its been. And perhaps I am being hyperbolic, or just experiencing the new found joy in a hobby long dormant. Perhaps. But then, even Dug is giving the ski season a “ten“. So at the very least, it isn’t just me.

First turns 3 days after a storm? That’s the Utah County backcountry.

The “mini-Chutes” (formerly ‘the gully’) were immaculate on Saturday.

I am certain that when the invoice comes due, I will bemoan the slow melting snow. But that day seems far off on the distant horizon, like some hypothetical world’s end where all things come crashing down on the thrill and the pleasure of the right now.

And speaking of right now…I am looking out the window at the heavy white blanket shrouding the mountains in yet another winter storm, and am having trouble hiding the smile spreading across my face.

1 Comment

  1. dug
    March 30, 2009

    ohh, that looks good. real good.

    20 more inches last 24 hours. nother foot tuesday night. nother storm friday.

    i’m telling you, just reverse your A and B seasons and everything will be fine.

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