Where Your Heart Is

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It got a bit sketchy on the up this morning. I live in the Wasatch mountains. I have for my entire life. I have walked and pedaled all over them for decades. I know them as I know an old friend. And yet, I feel as if I am only beginning to discover the Wasatch. […]

Enormous Debt

Posted by on Mar 30, 2009 in Ski, Wasatch | One Comment

The American Fork Twin Peaks and Mineral Basin I can’t help but feel that the attitudes and actions of so many people right now are going to hurt us all in the long run. The short sighted buy-it-now mentality that normally responsible, forward looking folks are demonstrating is alarming. Especially within the last week. What, […]

Another Shot

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Another shot from Tuesday’s powder buffet.

Diet Coke Zero

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I never thought a day would come when I would drink diet soda. And I really never thought a day would come when I would prefer diet soda over its sweeter, stickier, calorie laden counterpart. But the sugar content in soda is alarming. And I am no longer a 20-something with an overactive metabolism. And […]


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Not too long ago Dug pointed out that here in the Wasatch, even the avalanche forecasters are “poetical“. This morning as I read the daily avalanche reports that poetical nature was manifest once again: There are those moments in life when you’re outside with good friends, or even alone, and you realize something has changed. […]

The Fantastic Scottie’s

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A fresh powder dump in the Wasatch can only mean one thing: Dawn Patrol. Scottie’s Bowl, Little Cottonwood Canyon. It was as good a place as any to drop in. We could have just fallen to the parking lot below. Mark. Tyler. Myself. The Knuckle Dragger. A day like today felt like a bonus. Especially […]

Self Timer

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You Were Here

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Something that has immediately stood out to me about backcountry skiing is the way that a slope, with just a line of S curves cutting through it can stir the soul. I am new to the backcountry scene. And so my opportunity to cut those turns has been limited, both by experience and ability. But […]

The American Mountain Classic

Posted by on Mar 16, 2009 in Bike, Races | 7 Comments

Image Credit It has been a summer or two since I had a target on my calendar that I focused on for months in advance. In 2006 it was the KTR. I remember reading about the race and the route in December, and becoming obsessed about it from that point on. Every day, every ride, […]

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