New. Year.

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There is a certain irony, and even paradox in the fact that we celebrate the re-beginning of all things in the dead of winter. At the zenith of cold, and death and frozen decay we put aside the old and the past and the already has, in favor of the next.

We look with anticipation and hope and expectation at what may come. And what may come? It is nearly impossible to say, except that we know whatever it may be, it will come.

And so, as we have always done we simply move forward. Or rather, we stand in place and the days come and go around us while we try and fit as much life into them as possible. And then one day, all the days we will see in our lifetimes have come, and gone.

But until then, I will ride. And I will hike and run and swim and smile and laugh and change diapers. I will sit idly in some unnamed grove of trees on some unnamed ridge on an unnamed mountain and see into eternity.

I cannot stop the days from passing. I cannot stay the flow of time. But I can become an integrated part of it, rising and falling like the sun each day, and like the sun, attempting to see as much of the earth as possible.

Live and love in 2009.

Happy New Year.


  1. bikingbadger
    January 2, 2009

    Hope you have an awesome New Year. Just keep us entertained with the brilliant writing. You make these dark days a bit brighter

  2. Keith
    January 2, 2009

    What a bunch of poetic nonsense! I know you are just trying to survive, as we all are. But if it helps you to think in those terms I’ll try to support you. Where’s the photo from the ride?

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