Domestic Energy

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I find myself in a good place. I am beginning to feel lighter, stronger, even…faster on the bike. It seems it has been an eternity since I last felt anything close to that. The summer of 2008 was the summer of sludge and resistance, like somehow gravity had in store for me a cruel trick, […]


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Camp Lynda 2.0: History

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My bike is crusty and filthy. Even after I hosed it off. When I spin the crank a grating, frightening sound fills the garage. The dry, cement-like clay is trying to permanently attach itself to the paint and frame. But I am smiling. Despite the rain and the muck and mud, the riding at Camp […]

Dixie Bound

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Dirt Good.

A Few of My Favorite Things

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2008 was a landmark year for me. The dominant story was the discovery and subsequent arrival of our twins. Children numbers 4 and 5 for my wife and I. We are still recovering and adjusting to the new “normal” in our lives. And we are loving (nearly) every minute of it. My racing schedule was […]

Valley Winter

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The Sentinel

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I often describe Mount Timpanogos as ‘the sentinel of the valley’. And for good reason. It is, both physically and I think figuratively a guardian and protector. At the very least, it feels as such. But perhaps illustrating my point would be more valuable:

WPA: Style and Nostalgia

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Part of my new role at work is restoring and printing old art and photos. The Library of Congress has a vast and endless supply of high resolution files, free for the taking – and manipulating. Some of my favorite discoveries have been WPA posters, leftovers of an older America. The purpose behind the posters […]

Weekend Snowshoe

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The wintery mountains take on an other-worldly feel after the sun sinks out of sight. The weekend full moon accentuated the gloomy lightness of the snow, sharpening detail that would be lost in the darkness and tree cover of summer. And although the sun lingers in the sky during the summer, when it does finally […]

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