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Winter is moving in. It is rudely shoving fall aside, taking up space that may or may not belong to it. Where does a Wasatch winter sit? Anywhere it wants.

A weekend snow storm dusted the valley floor, and left the lower slopes of the mountains draped in white. The white fog hovering in the sky threatens to drop more. I have dusted off the snowshoes, gathered up my winter clothes, and am ready and willing to get out into the Utah powder. The greatest snow on Earth? It is if you believe our license plates. And I think I do.

Although those in Colorado, Montana, Alaska and Italy may say otherwise.

The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is a 2-edged sword. I enjoy the season, but it is hectic, tiring and even at times, not all that enjoyable. However, there are moments during this season that stand out, that become ingrained in my memory. Moments like watching the first real snow fall, quieting the city and brightening the night. There is of course, Christmas morning and the anticipation of endless possibilities. The innocent excitement that my children have on that day is contagious, and reminds me that life is much, much better when lived through the eyes of a child.

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