Cold, cold

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The earthy tones of autumn have vanished. No more are the oranges and browns and greens. All is blue and cold and dark. Winter.


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Winter is moving in. It is rudely shoving fall aside, taking up space that may or may not belong to it. Where does a Wasatch winter sit? Anywhere it wants. A weekend snow storm dusted the valley floor, and left the lower slopes of the mountains draped in white. The white fog hovering in the […]

Donate. Win A Painting.

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I am offering a chance to win a signed, framed 12×6 canvas print of local artist Adam Abram’s “Mount Timpanogos” for anyone who donates to my LiveStrong page before December 20th, 2008. (This includes those of you who have already contributed) Adam’s painting is done in the classic, epic style of landscape masters such as […]

Anticipation CL 2.0

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Details for Camp Lynda 2.0 are starting to creep onto the webernet. I am as excited about mapping the routes as I am about riding them. Well, nearly. But I do love a good session with the Topo software. If Topofusion ever comes out for the Mac, or I get a Mac made within the […]

Insert Title Here

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I have struggled to put my thoughts to this space lately. I reach into the depths of my brain and there is nothing but empty blackness. I rummage around and find nothing but nothing. It reminds me of essay questions during school. I’d sit and stare blankly at the page. A question about the civil […]

Team Fatty Livestrong Challenge

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I have joined forces with Team Fatty, and the 2009 Livestrong Challenge. Help us shatter the LAF fund raising record! Click here to donate!

Of Pie and Winter

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As I look forward to the coming month I am both surprised and optimistic. Surprised that December is already here. What happened to November? I am optimistic because the normal December sluggery is gone, replaced by an energy and motivation to git ‘r’ done. The weekend was good. I ate a lot of pie. And […]

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