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Sunrise, Goblin Valley, UT I awoke before dawn. A sliver of a moon hung low in the sky. The faint glow of the distant sunrise lingered on the horizon. In the faint light I could make out the outline of the mighty La Sals. I felt a sense of urgency, of longing. I miss those […]


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The first bike packer? For more modern examples, routes, gear and discussion see this fantastic new community.


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Don’t leave a co2 cartridge in your car on a hot day: It might explode:


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Starting a ride at sunset, is always a good thing.


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I rode laps at the 12 Hours of Sundance until I was tired. And then I sat down and watched everyone else do the same. It didn’t take long for me to wear out. I daydreamed a lot out on the trail. I thought about the mountains surrounding me, and how they seem to be […]

Line it Up!

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I have not raced since…um… well. The Rim Ride? KTR? I didn’t really ‘race’ the Wasatch Classic. I have done a few XC races here and there. None lasting much more than an hour. Let’s just say, ‘it has been a while’. Tomorrow I am going to line it up at the 12 Hours of […]

Never Forget

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Never Forget

The Physical Fitness Montage

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We have all seen it. A movie hero is out of shape, out of his league, overwhelmed and under trained. He has a race or a fight or a game or a war coming up and the only way to be successful is to have a physical fitness montage. From Rudy to Pan, movies, especially […]


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I feel in many ways that my life has been paused. Each day is as similar as the last. A sort of Ground Hog Day repetition. Everything I do is done with one foot in, and the other out. A strange sort of dualism that has led to what might be the deepest rut of […]

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