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“…The chief did not like to lose the horses, so they decided to have another contest. That was to climb by night a mountain without using the trail. Ucanogos and some of the Indian maidens would be waiting on the top of the mountain.
Timpanac studied the mountain trying to figure out the best way to climb it. He knew the braves would be waiting on the trail to kill him.

When night came he started out. He went all the way up without once using the trail. On reaching the top he found that he was at a point north of the ridge on which the maidens were waiting. The connecting ridge between the two mountain points was very narrow. Timpanac started across it. When he was about halfway across, he saw three men on each side of him. They grabbed him and threw him down on the east side of the mountain. The thunder began to roar and the mountain split. The glacier today is where the split occurred. At the bottom of the split where Timpanac hit, a beautiful pool formed that we now call Emerald Lake. Ucanogos seeing what had happened laid herself down on the mountain top and died. Today we call her the Sleeping Woman.”

Can you see Sleeping Woman?

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  1. Corey
    August 22, 2008

    As a matter of fact, I can!
    Very nice photo

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