The Crest, Classic

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Catherine Pass, as seen from The Crest

The Wasatch Crest Trail is iconic, classic Utah singletrack. It offers views a million miles in every direction, views that continually remind you just how small you are in the world of the Rocky Mountains. The flow and the mojo come easily.

The Crest will be a well earned reward for riders of the Wasatch Classic. It will take a monumental effort to gain the trail head, ascending up and over Catherine Pass and climbing the infamous Puke Hill before the mountain finally relents and gives way to the miles of grin inducing alpine singletrack.

As you contour along the spine of the Wasatch you will be able to look back at some of the rugged peaks and ridges you have left tread on throughout the epic day. But don’t get too excited, because below you the Mid-Mountain trail lies in wait. A traversing, fantastic tour of the Park City resorts. Like a siren she beckons weary souls into her clutches with promises of flowing, snaking singetrack. But beware; she has a ravenous appetite for tired legs and worn minds.

The high country is cleansing and peaceful. The air is fragrant and sweet. Around every bend and over every ridge there is an expectation for a bear, a mountain lion, a moose. You might see one. Or all three. Or none at all. But rest assured, they see you. To coast through the pines, and into the aspens is something few people in the world ever experience. But you are a mountain biker and you pass from trees to trees with speed and grace. From ridge to ridge and canyon to canyon. Mountain to mountain.

Ride The Crest. Ride the Classic. Be a mountain biker.

Justin from Princeton Tec shreds The Crest


  1. Jason
    August 7, 2008

    Nice. Damn beautiful there. I must get out there someday. Justin is looking fit. I can’t say I’ve ever seen him roll a FS bike before. “be a mountain biker” that’s classic! I love it.

  2. Grizzly Adam
    August 7, 2008

    He was rockin’ a rental. I think he was missing his SS. He is riding strong. He was like a mountain goat on the big climbs we did.

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