The Grizzly Cast

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I have had in the back of my mind for quite some time the notion of doing a podcast. I have all the hardware and software to record, edit, and publish right here on this computer. So I finally took a little time and learned how to bring it all together into an actual podcast. […]

How To: Get Sponsored

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Editors Note: This is another post in an ongoing ‘how to’ series. Also see ‘How to: Ride Your First 100 Miler‘ There are several really useful benefits to getting sponsored. And you don’t have to be Lance Armstrong or Chris Eatough to attract sponsorship opportunities. It is actually quite easy. All you have to do […]

You Know Who You Look Like?

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Remember that every comment left this week will enter you into a drawing to win a Princeton Tec Swerve. I get this a lot. “You know who you look like?” “Who?” And the answer is always someone that I don’t really look like, except that that person just happens to have a beard. I have […]

Leave a Comment, Win a Swerve

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This blog is nearly 3 years old. That is an eternity in cyber-time. To celebrate I am going to give away a Princeton Tec Swerve tail light. To enter into the contest simply leave a comment on any post this week. (July 28-Aug 2). On August 3rd I will randomly choose a winner. Simple and […]

From 3 to 5.

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July 22. I went into work like any normal summer day. But I had a nervous pit in my stomach, like some crop of restless insects were twittering inside, eager to break through the cavernous prison that held them bound. I had a craving for Chinese food. At any moment the phone was going to […]

I Don’t Want Leprosy

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I have been threatened with leprosy, and who knows what other untold doom, if I did not respond to these questions below. So, Fatty, here you are. I hope you are proud of yourself. And the only reason I have decided to answer these now (rather than later), is because I am stuck in this […]

White Rim: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

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The White Rim is a storied location. Vast and wide and mysterious. Gateway to an unknown wilderness, edge of the Maze, an alien world of ancient ghosts and impossible canyons. As I rode the trail this spring I gazed out at the landscape feeling small, awestruck and otherwise soaking up the Abbey-esque vibes of the […]

Castle Valley, Utah

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There is a place, near Moab, but not Moab. A place that is nestled between the mighty Porcupine Rim, and the looming Adobe Mesa. A place watched over carefully by The Priest and The Nuns, with Sister Superior keeping a watchful distant eye. It is a wide open valley, sitting quietly at the base of […]

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