Trail 031

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Trail 031 is a less-traveled piece of singletrack high above Dry Fork in American Fork Canyon. It connects with the Ridge Trail 157 at Pole Line Pass. My trail map describes it as some of the Wasatch’s “sweetest bits of singeltrack”. I had never explored it. Although for many summers I had intentions to do so. Even though much of it is still under heavy snowpack right now, it was crystal clear that the trail is indeed sweet. It winds along through an aspen forest that is picture perfect. The trees are wide, and spread far apart. The ground is clear of debris and excess growth. Visibility through the forest extends on and on, creating a strange optical illusion. As I stood and gazed through the endless trunks I hoped to see the moose that was leaving the tracks ahead of us on the trail materialize, gliding along…

And now, I wait. I wait for the snow to melt just so I can ride 031 again. So that euphoria can course through my body, bursting out in a loud “whoop!” as I wind through the snaking trail, freedom on two wheels.

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  1. bradkeyes
    June 18, 2008

    I got dizzy from that pic and almost fell out of my chair.

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