Ride the Line

Posted by on Jun 30, 2008 in Photos | No Comments

Tim rides the pipeline over the rock drops, Dry Canyon Trail.

Get a bicycle. You will certainly not regret it, if you live.

~Mark Twain


  1. Rick Sunderlage
    June 30, 2008

    I’ve done that once…ONCE. It is a sketchy section of trail.

  2. Le Blaireau
    July 1, 2008

    What a sweet pic. Could I put this pic as a wallpaper? You have a bigger version?

  3. Grizzly Adam
    July 1, 2008

    Bigger version is here:



    I have yet to even attempt that pipeline. I am a techy chicken.

  4. bikingbadger
    July 1, 2008

    Thanks for the pic.
    Advice: Sit far back and just go for it.

  5. KanyonKris
    July 1, 2008

    Kenny told me about that line last year, but I don’t think I have the stones to ride it. Good photo.

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