The Bane of Wednesday

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Starting in May each summer, the Weekly Race Series kicks off with a biathlon at Soldier Hollow. The Biathlon is a classic event. Pure fun. It consists of a 1 mile mountain bike loop, followed by pellet gun shooting on the 2002 Olympic shooting range. You race 5 laps, and shoot 5 times. Each round of shooting has 5 targets. For every target you miss, you do 1 short penalty lap. Once when doing this, I had to do 13 of a possible 25 penalty laps.

It is a really, really fun way to race a bike.

But this year rain has taken out a retainer on Wednesdays. It is raining as I type. It rained a bit last week, and the week before it rained so hard that the weekly race was canceled. Will today’s scheduled biathlon also be washed out? I hope not. Either way though, whoever allowed Wednesday to sign a contract with Rain ought to be fired.

Rainy Day Reading

UPDATE: The race tonight is … cancelled.


  1. KanyonKris
    June 4, 2008

    Yes, I’m not amused that rain keeps showing up every time a biathlon is scheduled. The mountain bike is in the car and I’ll be watching the weather today hoping for a break. I did my first and only biathlon last year and it was a blast. So here’s hoping for no rain for the rest of the day.

    BTW, Monday I rode the trail that breaks off of Crank and descends down to the west and comes out below the shooting range. It was steep in a few spots and rocky in others, but not bad. More details on my blog.

  2. Epic Adam
    June 4, 2008


    I read your account. I may have to go revisit that. It was years ago that I tried it, and it was pretty gnarly then. That smooth singletrack at the top is always so tempting.

  3. KanyonKris
    June 4, 2008

    Adam, it appears that a lot of the loose rock has been cleaned off the trail. It was mostly good dirt. There were 2-3 patches of loose baby-head rock that were a bit dicey, but not bad enough for me to give the trail a thumb down.

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