Ride the Line

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Tim rides the pipeline over the rock drops, Dry Canyon Trail. Get a bicycle. You will certainly not regret it, if you live. ~Mark Twain

March 1955: Desert Quiz

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I stumbled across the March 1955 issue of Desert magazine. I was fascinated by the articles, the photography and the ads. Nearly every page had an ad for a Geiger Counter, with an accompanying promise to strike it rich prospecting for Uranium. It reminded me of the story of Charlie Steen, or the legendary yarn […]

Back in the Day: July 2002

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Brianhead 2002 I have exactly one Intermountain Cup XC victory. It came at the 2002 Brian Header, at Brian Head, Utah. The race was competitive, and spectacular. By far it was one of my favorite courses on the circuit. It had huge climbs, swooping descents, technical rock drops, and incredible scenery. It is a shame […]

Chasing the Traverse

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“Remember what Bilbo used to say: It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” There is a brewing storm inside me. A rolling mass of ambition and idealism. The perfect route, the […]

Soul Rider?

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Several years ago I watched a classic movie called North Shore. It tackled the complicated issue of surfing for money, or surfing for “the love”. It is an ’80s cult film perfectly executed. In fact, you could pair it with Rad (the greatest film ever made, no?) and have the ultimate soul rider collection. As […]

Epic Adolescence

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Fatty’s Triathlon was fun. Pure ear to ear toothy grin fun. It struck me during the day just how juvenile riding a bike can be. Here was a sizable group of adults riding two-wheelers on swoopy trails, laughing, smiling and trash talking. And then afterward, we slid down a rock into a pool of water. […]

Don’t Eat the Worm

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Like tinsel at Christmas, these worms hung from every branch, every tree. Big Springs, up the South Fork of Provo Canyon is home to some primetime singletrack. If you are feeling ambitious you can ride from Big Springs into Wallsburg, or up and over into Rock Canyon and Provo. You can take Windy Pass and […]


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I heart motorcycles Trail 252, also known as “Joy” got shredded to pieces. I sure hope the motorcycle(s) that did this had fun. Because it is not going to be fun trying to repair all that damage. “Joy” is part of the Wasatch Classic route, and claims one of the most thrilling descents you will […]

Trail 031

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Trail 031 is a less-traveled piece of singletrack high above Dry Fork in American Fork Canyon. It connects with the Ridge Trail 157 at Pole Line Pass. My trail map describes it as some of the Wasatch’s “sweetest bits of singeltrack”. I had never explored it. Although for many summers I had intentions to do […]

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