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I have considered in the past writing an entry for the Dirt Rag Literature Contest. But for one reason or another I have never followed through. So when the latest newsletter arrived in my mailbox, announcing this year’s competition, I thought to myself “why not?”

And the next thought was of course, “what will I write?”

Well, after stewing on it for a day or two I thought it would be neat to run with a post from this blog. Use something I have written in the past as a launching pad to my entry. But rather than help answer the pertinent question, it only opened more possibilities.

So I am turning to you. What have I written that might be built into a nice entry for the contest? Anything? At all? I was going to link up a few of my favorites over the 3 year history of this site, but decided to give you all a clean slate. Is there a particular post, or theme, or style, or subject that you think would work?

Think about it a moment, and then let me know.

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  1. bradkeyes
    May 15, 2008

    I vote for “The Bicycle” it was just few posts back. I really liked it, yeah, The Bicycle.

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