Spotlight: Racer

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Click on a photo for bigger size Visit Racer’s Cycle Service

Post Race

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This is Brad and me.  The look of concern on Brad’s face would have been even more apparent had he known of the ridiculous grin I was wearing.  After the shot, he looked at the picture and said “wow, that might be the best picture of you I have seen.”   He was not being […]

Attention Span

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Even when riding the road, my eyes are fixed firmly upon the mountains.


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Doping is in the news again. Big surprise. This time some track athletes have admitted to past PED usage. New doping discoveries are as common as Obama and Clinton tiffs. They are hardly even news anymore. The list of baseball players gets longer and longer. Runners, cyclists, skiers… it just goes on and on. The […]

Sit Around, Save the Planet

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One of my favorite books, and favorite blogs is Freakonomics. Recently on the blog, Steven D. Levitt posted a very funny post in response to the notion that obese people are contributing to global warming. He argues that in fact the opposite is true. People who exercise are causing global warming because of all the […]

Moving Along

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I can’t say I know exactly what is next for me. I’d love to get down to the Kaibab. But I may have to pass it up once again. Any locals interested in heading down that way? The Wasatch Classic is sooner rather than later. I am excited to show off some of the incredible […]

Kokopelli Trail R.

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Kokopelli Moonrise. 5/16/08 “I’m not a big believer in all the techniques of “positive self talk” or affirmations and so forth. Just train hard, train with good technique, use visualization (which works with the subconscious), and the quality of performance will reflect the preparation. I recommend to athletes, and to anyone else, that they “simply” […]

Chasing 17:25

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In 2006 I rode from Moab to Fruita in 17 hours and 25 minutes. Saturday I will repeat the feat. Or at least I will attempt to repeat it. And while I don’t think my fitness is quite where it was in May of ’06, I do think I am a smarter rider. Which means […]

Pick my Entry

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I have considered in the past writing an entry for the Dirt Rag Literature Contest. But for one reason or another I have never followed through. So when the latest newsletter arrived in my mailbox, announcing this year’s competition, I thought to myself “why not?” And the next thought was of course, “what will I write?” Well, […]

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