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Welcome to EpicRiding.com, the home of Grizzly Adam.

This blog is an attempt to explore deeper the emotions and the experiences underlying outdoor sports – specifically endurance mountain biking. I seek to learn what it is that that presses an individual to push beyond the mental and physical limits of what society deems as normal and acceptable.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, I will share my thoughts and observations about what Edward Abbey deemed the ‘mythical and the tangible’.

Along the way I will share photos and experiences of my own epic adventures. Living along the Wasatch Front in Utah grants me untold opportunities to bike, hike, ski and explore a vast wilderness. The mysterious and splendid deserts of Moab and the barren red rock of Saint George are also within my grasp. I truly believe that I live in an outdoor paradise.

Thanks for visiting. Stick around, browse the archives, and come back often.

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