There Will Be Climbs

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The TWC will take you up, and over, and up and over several steep ridges, hills, mountains, and of course the very spine of the Wasatch Front itself. When you are finished, you will be aching, you will be hurting, your legs will be screaming, but you will be smiling.

Your ride will begin with about 18 miles of climbing. Get used to that, because the day will be filled with long climbs. Good thing the views are distracting. We should hit the spot pictured above just as the sun is coming over the mountains.

The picture was taken just beyond the big S curve switch backs on the map below, about 8 or 9 miles into the route.

The elevation profile of segment 1:

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  1. I am Matt
    March 9, 2008

    Where are directions to get to this twc trail. It sounds intense.

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