Half and Half

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There were words, but they felt inadequate. And as they say, a picture is worth….

1 boy

1 girl

4 feet


  1. Jeff Kerkove
    March 16, 2008


  2. Jason
    March 16, 2008

    Amazing. Just amazing.

  3. I am Matt
    March 19, 2008

    i cant wait to feel what your feeling.

  4. Kallas Family
    March 20, 2008

    Hey Adam-
    It’s Taylor and Kim Kallas. Congrats on the twins!! How fun to have one of each. Where are you guys living now? We will be back to Utah Valley in July. Our blog is kallas-family.blogspot.com Later.

  5. Fatty
    March 21, 2008

    I have said hundreds of times that being the father of twins is the best thing that has ever happened to me. no hyperbole whatsoever. you — like me — are very, very lucky.

    finding out susan was pregnant with twins was one of those moments that will stay sharp in my mind forever. i’ll bet this discovery will be the same way for you.


    my recommendation: don’t read ANY of the books about twin pregnancies. all they do is freak you out about risks you can’t control anyway. your doctors will take care of you.

    oh, and a twin birthing is, um, not a very private event. everything went perfectly for us and there were still 8 medical professionals in the room with us.

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