Above the Rim

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Gold Bar Rim, Friday sunset The Rim Ride is over, and all I can think about are some of the bizarre thoughts that crossed my mind during the endless miles along Gold Bar Rim. I finished. I finished well after dark. I never anticipated being out there that long. Which is ridiculous. I knew how […]

Red, Sand, Looming

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The sun sits hiddenAwaiting a desert dawnRed rock will reflect. Sand is everywhere.Towers of stone dwarf small men Smiles commence, jaws drop. Moab is looming.Big skies, big climbs, big tires.Don’t go over the bars.

Rim Shot

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Thanks to a lot of staring at maps, a few generous folks, and my files from last year, I have pieced together the Rim Ride route into TOPO! The only unknowns are the new sections near the Bar M loop. I have rough estimates of where they go, but no exact track. But that is […]

Watchful Eye

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Moab weekend forecast….


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2007 24 Hours of Moab. One of our Mad Dog teammates brought his military grade night vision goggles. We started messing around with taking photos through the goggles. Brad Keyes got this one of me next to the fire.

There and Back Again

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We (Keith, Chris & K.C, Brad) left Utah county at 6 AM. By 9:30 AM we had met up with Fred and were all climbing sand flats road. And by 7 PM I was home again. Porcupine Rim was in great shape, except for all the rocks. Rigid bikes and Porc. Rim are not good […]

Half and Half

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There were words, but they felt inadequate. And as they say, a picture is worth…. 1 boy 1 girl 4 feet

Like Father….?

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When my 2 year old saw this photo of himself, he said “hey, I have that shirt!” My two year old son loves to run. He loves to ride his bike down the driveway. And recently he found my Free Sager wristband, and has taken to wearing it all times. In his mind it is […]

There Will Be Climbs

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The TWC will take you up, and over, and up and over several steep ridges, hills, mountains, and of course the very spine of the Wasatch Front itself. When you are finished, you will be aching, you will be hurting, your legs will be screaming, but you will be smiling. Your ride will begin with […]

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