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I don’t know if it is just trying to get through the last few real weeks of winter, or if there is more at play, but I have simply felt overly tired lately. I think I need some quality sunshine time. July, are you here yet?

It is encouraging to see the snow starting to melt, and the temps rising. But I am not fooled. This is Utah. And Utah has the screwiest seasons west of Colorado and east of Nevada. March will no doubt bring some beautiful spring days, and it will no doubt bring some horrifically nasty days as well. I don’t feel entirely free of winter’s clutch around here until May at least. And even then…you never know.

Nearly 2 years ago, on March 5, 2006 I had similar thoughts…

Winter in Utah does not go away easily however. It seems that every year, just when everyone is breathing a collective sigh of relief at the beast returning to the woods, it wheels around and takes one last bitter bite, leaving in our minds the stark reality of the weather in the Rocky Mountains.

And last year, the only words I had were “uhhh…” when I awoke on March 28th to this:


  1. Forrest
    February 27, 2008

    May 6 last year.

  2. the original big ring
    February 28, 2008

    how’s the weight going?

  3. KanyonKris
    February 28, 2008

    In some ways it’s been nice to have so much snow this year, but the lack of days on the bike outside has made me cranky. So I’m heading south this weekend. Dry dirt single track here I come!

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