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I don’t know if it is just trying to get through the last few real weeks of winter, or if there is more at play, but I have simply felt overly tired lately. I think I need some quality sunshine time. July, are you here yet? It is encouraging to see the snow starting to […]

Sneak Peak (Pun Intended)

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Last year after TWC v.1 I went home and started mapping out a revised route. In fact, I literally sat down at the computer as soon as I changed out of my chamois. By the time Jeff Kerkove and I met up for dinner later that night, I had a route that I was very […]

TWC 2008

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The 2008 Wasatch Classic will take place on Saturday June 28. The start and finish will be in Midway, Utah. Estimated mileage will fall somewhere between 80 and 100, with 20k-25k of elevation gain. This year’s route will be be a little more friendly than last year’s, but will still include nearly all of the […]

Wasatch. Classic.

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Stay tuned….

PT: Fuel

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I have 3 kids. They are bright, energetic, imaginative, and totally crazy. After some time of thought and consideration, my wife and I (mostly my wife) decided we would try for a 4th, and final child. So in early December she found out that she was indeed pregnant. I was happy, but a little timid. […]

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