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After a lot of thought, pseudo planning, and thinkering, I have what is amounting to my 2008 “wish list”. Also knows as a schedule. Not all of these events are events. Sometimes they will simply be a long ride, with friends invited.

January: Camp Lynda
February: N/A
March: Rim Ride Moab
April: Moab or St. George?
May: Something on the KT
June: The Wasatch Classic V.2 (details pending)
July: Markugunt Endurance Ride
August: The Wasatch Multiday (details pending)
September: 12 Hours of Sundance?
October: Trans-Utah

Hmm… let’s see that is a total of… ~$50 in registration fees, if I do the 12 Hours of Sundance.

I really wanted to do the CTR this year. But I don’t think the timing of it is going to work for me this summer. 2009 perhaps.

This is all subject to change of course. But right now, those are the endurance rides/races that I see myself doing in 2008. Mixed in between those will be several Intermountain Cup XC races as well.

And it all starts this weekend in St. George.

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  1. Dave Harris
    January 8, 2008

    Great bookends on your season 🙂 I look forward to kicking it off with you in a few days.

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