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Not the Presidential Primary. But rather, the primary reason behind the passion of mountain biking. Who are we as mountain bikers? Efficient, hard working, colorful, intense, and as friendly as anyone. We are a great movement of people, chasing each other across the desert, over mountains, and after the dream. Chasing the dream…. What is […]


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Winter storm warnings. Freeway closures. Howling winds. Currently 27 degrees. I miss July. Today’s weight: 178.5

How Adam Got His Groove Back?

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This week, for the first time in a while, I have felt fluid and strong in my training. I think the Camp Lynda benefits are starting to trickle down. My legs feel light and snappy, my intervals are strong and consistent, and the mind is motivated. It’s a good place to be. And I never […]

I need…

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It is cold today.No sun means more of the same.I need singletrack. Food tempting daily.Not quite as bad as I thought.I need a smoothie. In my sleep I seered stone and far horizonsI need better sleep. Today’s weight: 180.0

Photo Enhancement Basics

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I have been asked lately about my photos. Specifically, how do I get such “good shots”. The answer is easy. I doctor them up after I shoot them. The two easiest things to do to make your photos look richer and more detailed is to adjust the Brightness and Contrast. You can do this in […]

Snow Play

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I got up to Sundance for some more fun in the powder today. Pictures are better than words. Today’s weight: 179.5

Liquid Ass(sets)

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One of the major ways I can cut down on calories is eliminating needless drinks. I am a drink guy. I love soda and Gatorade and Vitamin Water and juices. But just a couple of those each day is a recipe for calorie spikes. And in most cases it is a spike filled with sugary […]

A Numbers Game

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I am going to refer to baseball again. Sorry to all you haters. But I am sure you can endure. Anyway, of all the “major” sports, none are driven by numbers like baseball is. There are very few intangibles in baseball. either you can hit, or you can’t. And the numbers prove that, down to […]

Weighing In

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This blog has always been a bit of a motivational tool for me. If I set a goal, and write about it here, I am accountable to you. At least somewhat anyway. Usually the first thought that goes through my head when I DNF a race, or when I finish a race well, is something […]

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