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Life has been busy. And I have grown soft. I altered my training plans, and decided to take most of December off. Right now I am restless and eager, so much so that I have trouble falling asleep at night. It’s getting time to spend this excess energy.

It was almost full on dark by 4:30 today. Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year. And after that… ever longer days. I can almost feel the heat of July. Almost.

I need to make a decision about Camp Lynda. I want to be there, but need to make sure life will allow me to do so. Camp Lynda is appealing as much for the riding, as for the potential company. What is better than a weekend in the desert with a bunch of enduro junkies?

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  1. Dave Harris
    December 21, 2007

    Ya gotta make Camp Lynda! No matter what your fitness level in Jan there will be good options for you. Most of all come for the social aspect 🙂

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