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Santa was tipped off, and he decided to get a jump on things. I have a set of Northern Lites Elites incoming. Thanks to Chris Plesko for the heads up about these. And also thanks to everyone else who offered advice about shoes, and the sport itself. I am very excited to get out and try this.

I used to ski a lot. But it is just too pricey to do these days. As a result, I don’t get up into the mountains much during the winter. That is about to change.


  1. bradkeyes
    December 17, 2007

    You know what’s fun? Snowshoeing up tibble fork from the dam at night. And the descent, forget about it. More fun than should be legal. I’d come down to Utah valley for that.

  2. Lee Unwin
    December 17, 2007

    Make sure you try running in them for the ultimate cardio workout, it may be as hard or than xc skiing.

    Im running the Magic 29 from white brothers, no external lockout but it works off a magnet system similar to fox, no bob, very stiff, and the guys over at white bros are on it if you have a problem, email me for more details if you want.

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