Fighting Entropy

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A measure of the amount of energy in a physical system not available to do work. As a physical system becomes more disordered, and its energy becomes more evenly distributed, that energy becomes less able to do work.

This time of year it becomes increasingly more difficult for me to get in the training hours I would like to. There are several factors. The days are short, the days are cold, and the trails I love to ride are covered in snow. Other factors are more in my control. I tend to be lazy this time of year. It’s as if an ancient power takes over in the winter that coerces me into a state of hybernation.

However, I have been able to fight this desire year after year. At least enough to maintain a respectable fitness level, so that when things get serious in the spring, I am ready to go. This year I want to find new ways to get outside. Thus the previous post. Time off the bike is not an entirely bad thing. The idea of exploring my favorite trails on foot, and over snow is appealing. Much more so than endless miles on the road bike, or on the trainer.

It is all in the name of fighting off the natural tendency for my body to dissolve into a state of mass inertness, and not go insane in the basement trying to do so.

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