The Sundance 12

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The Sundance 12 Hour race went well. I rode relaxed, and just tried to keep things consistent. I took a lunch break about mid-day, and I fell a lap back to the guys I was riding with. I was tired and needed to rest, so I took a rest. After my break I felt reall good, and was excited to be out on the bike again. I set to work trying to make up lost ground. But that is when the rains came. It started raining, and it came fast and hard. Within a few minutes of the storm hitting, the trails were slick and the mud thick. I rolled into the start finish area cold, wet and slimy.

The race had been ended.

It was a good move to end it when they did. The rain got worse, and the conditions more and more dangerous. We still managed to get 9 hours worth of good racing in. The field was not big, but it was competitive. And the course was one of the best variations of the Sundance singletrack I have done. It was a nice way to end a long, long solo season.

So now I am just getting some rest, and re-charging the batteries for the 24 Hours of Moab. I am looking at that event as a season ending party. I want to get out on course and take some photos, harass the solo riders, and just take in the spectacle. Oh yeah, and every few hours I will go hammer out a lap on my SS.


  1. KanyonKris
    September 27, 2007

    Too bad the weather cut the race short, but it sounds like you enjoyed it anyway. Good attitude.

  2. Matt
    October 2, 2007

    Yeah, sounds like a good place for a race, but bummer on the weather.

    Good luck in Moab

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