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I have been lazy this week. There are a couple reasons for that. One, my wife is out of town and I am playing Mr. Mom. Which has put the skids on any riding I had planned, or hoped to somehow be able to squeeze in. Normally this would have left me in a panic in the days leading up to a race. But this weekend is more about fun, than it will be about goals. execution, pacing, and all that technical speak. I just want to go and ride my bike all day.

The other reason is that… well I guess it just feels nice to be lazy.

So I am nice and relaxed heading into the event. Which, I will also be riding with out support. Nobody is available, so I will simply fill my own bottles and lube my own chain. That should ensure that I don’t get to insane, and start blowing through pit stops like I so often do when all I need to do is swap bottles as I ride on through. Who do I think I am when I do that? Floyd Landis? Who knew that at the end of 2007 I would be able to say that he and I have the same number of Yellow jerseys.

What a shame.

Back to the subject at hand… Sundance Resort sits snuggly at the base of Mount Timpanogos. Jeff will remember Timpanogos as the mountain we climbed, then circumnavigated, in the Wasatch Classic. The small ski resort is home to Robert Redford, and once, a long time ago, a cool indy film festival took place there, and even bore its name. Somehow that movement became a silly Hollywood trend, just something to be seen at.

But still the resort itself is quiet and quaint. The trails on the mountain are every bit as good as the more popular spots up the road in Park City. The difference is that Park City boasts many, many, many more miles of ridable trail. But somehow, despite riding Sundance an innumerable amount of times, I never tire of the loops. In many ways it is a home course, a place I have roots that dig deep. I did my first real XC race there, and there I met some of the riders I still ride with regularly. I learned to ski at Sundance, and even took my engagement photos there.

I think this post got a bit nostalgic. Ah well.

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  1. Ed
    September 21, 2007

    Sounds to me like you’re all set for this weekend – good luck and have tons ‘o fun!


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