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The air is cool, the leaves dry and crumbling, the dirt wet, and the days shorter. Fall is in full bloom, and the distinct sky and clouds against the colorful mountains are a nice reminder of that fact. The trails are still on good shape, and hopefully will be all the way to Thanksgiving. One year on Thanksgiving Day I rode up at Big Springs, it would be nice to do so again this year.

I have been enjoying the little things out on my rides lately. The colorful leaves on the trees and the dry crackly ones on the ground. The grass, greener than it was last week thanks to the rain. The clouds seem to pop against the sky these days, bringing a new depth to the horizon. The evening light is perfect this time of year, making even mundane landscapes look like post card material.

It is a time of decompression for me. And it’s a nice change from years past. This year I am not training, and tapering, and stressing about a solo 24 hours of Moab. This year, I am simply enjoying the Fall, and the small window of wonderful riding it brings. There will be other days to train, and to analyze, to plan and to strategize. But today, and for the next many tomorrows, I am going to simply enjoy watching the season change.

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