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Speaking of watching the change of seasons…


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The air is cool, the leaves dry and crumbling, the dirt wet, and the days shorter. Fall is in full bloom, and the distinct sky and clouds against the colorful mountains are a nice reminder of that fact. The trails are still on good shape, and hopefully will be all the way to Thanksgiving. One […]

The Sundance 12

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The Sundance 12 Hour race went well. I rode relaxed, and just tried to keep things consistent. I took a lunch break about mid-day, and I fell a lap back to the guys I was riding with. I was tired and needed to rest, so I took a rest. After my break I felt reall […]


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I have been lazy this week. There are a couple reasons for that. One, my wife is out of town and I am playing Mr. Mom. Which has put the skids on any riding I had planned, or hoped to somehow be able to squeeze in. Normally this would have left me in a panic […]

The Last Hurrah

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Sometimes the lights all shinin on me;Other times I can barely see.Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip its been. –Truckin’ 2007 has been nothing short of a long strange trip. There has been a lot of great rides, and a lot of hard knocks. But I have enjoyed the summer, and […]

Fall on the Ridge

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Got up to the Ridge Trail today with Keith and also with renowned photographer Willie Holdman. Willie has taken some of the most spectacular images of the Wasatch mountains, and his work is known worldwide. I had no idea he was a mountain biker, and it turns out, he’s a pretty strong one as well. […]


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It is hard to know just exactly how to describe my experience at the VT125. I felt strong throughout the race, and really tried to push the pace. But underneath the typical “race” stuff, was a fantastic day of riding in a setting that left me both exhausted and awe-inspired. What stands out right now […]

Vapor Trail

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I rode a bit over 70 miles, before pulling the plug. I felt great, had an amazing time, rode strong…and still I did not have enough juice to finish. I am amazed at the colossal effort everyone put in. I was totally fried after 13 hours…and still had 70 MORE miles to ride. The best […]

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