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This time of year, despite the continued heat, my thoughts start to turn toward the desert. Already there is talk of winter trips to the lowlands – The White Rim, Fruita, St. George.

And with these thoughts has come the renewed focus on something that has been burning slowly in the back of mind for some time. My real job kept me from actively pursuing it, but now, with those projects wrapping up, my attention has turned again to the endurance film I want to do. The idea for the film was born out of the desert, and so, this winter should provide enough opportunity to put ideas into action.

But, as I often am doing, I am ahead of myself. September looms large and with it comes the Vapor Trail 125. 20,000 feet of high alpine dirt in the Colorado Rockies. The desert awaits, but one last visit to the high country beckons me onward…


  1. Ed
    August 24, 2007

    I know that turn 🙂

    See you very soon.


  2. Cellarrat
    August 25, 2007

    ditto on that turn….

    can’t wait for VT!!!

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