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The bikes are hanging in the garage, my riding clothes are clean and sitting quietly in the closet. Water bottles and packs, and shoes, and everything else I use on a regular basis are idle. Sometimes it takes another person to point out what should be obvious, and at the nudge of a fellow crackhead, I am enjoying some much needed rest.

While lying on the couch watching baseball I got to thinking about this season, and realized that with Old Pueblo and the Rim Ride, I had extended my “solo” season over 2 months longer than I am accustomed to. Combine that with a lot of SS training, an increase in events this summer, and external stresses…and you get a good recipe for overtraining and/or burnout.

The good news is that I am far from burned out. I know what burn out feels like, and this is not it. I simply need some rest. If this plan works, and again, thanks to that fellow crackhead, I have a specific plan leading me all the way to the end of the tunnel, then I ought to be feeling snappy and happy for the remaining events on the schedule.

So in the meantime I am watching a lot of baseball (the pennant races this year are spectacular), dialing in some new gear, and enjoying the last days of summer. In fact, summer is pretty much over, at least emotionally. My daughter is off to her first day of first grade today. August 21st and school is in session…

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