Deja Vu?

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I swear this has happened before. Kenny went on a ride and ended up in the hospital. I have a theory. Both of his major crashes this year occurred on the days of E100 events. The moral of the story? Kenny should have been racing! This time Kenny broke his hip. Ouch. All I can […]


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This time of year, despite the continued heat, my thoughts start to turn toward the desert. Already there is talk of winter trips to the lowlands – The White Rim, Fruita, St. George. And with these thoughts has come the renewed focus on something that has been burning slowly in the back of mind for […]


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The bikes are hanging in the garage, my riding clothes are clean and sitting quietly in the closet. Water bottles and packs, and shoes, and everything else I use on a regular basis are idle. Sometimes it takes another person to point out what should be obvious, and at the nudge of a fellow crackhead, […]

The Garage

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Stretched Thin

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It’s mid August. I am tired. So I am getting the physical and mental rest I need. Extra sleep, better nutrition, and more active recovery rides. I am hoping to recharge my batteries so that I can put in a good final exclamation point on the season in September and October. I always look forward […]

Solo 24?

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I worked from 9 AM Thursday to 8 AM Friday. 23 Hours. I slept for 2 hours while the finished film exported. Can I count that as a solo 24 hour race? I hit my deadline by 30 minutes. Speaking of that deadline, it was supposed to be next Friday. So I was just pacing […]


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It’s 10 PM. I am still at work. Gotta love deadlines…


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