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I thought I’d post some views from the upcoming Wasatch Classic. I thought this picture was appropriate, since during the ride, this great view of Cascade mountain will be obscured by darkness.

It is also noteworthy that the background mountain contains the trail we will finish up the ride on, also possibly in the dark!

This was taken in April ’06 on the “Dragon’s Back” portion of the GWT/BST. The rider is Keith Payne. It is a fun, challenging climb with several short tiers, you climb, then rest, climb then rest… It is the very first section of singletrack we will ride on Saturday morning.

Later, as the first light of dawn starts to creep over the mountains we have to get up and over, we will find ourselves in Grove Creek Canyon. It is a long narrow climb through this steep canyon, which acts as a gateway to the Wasatch back country. Once to the top of the canyon we will be greeted with massive views of Timapanogos, and hopefully even the resident elk heard that calls the meadows and pines at the top home.

The trail we will climb weaves its way up both sides of the canyon, sometimes it is extremely exposed to sheer cliffs that drop a long, long way down.

Eventually we will make our way around Timpanogos, catching views like the one below, as we work our way toward the Timpanooke singletrack.


  1. Dave Byers
    July 31, 2007

    Great pics! I am a little jealous I cannot join you for the ride this weekend. I think doing a “trial run” the first year is a great idea and getting feedback from the other riders should help with next year’s “race”. Have a great time.

  2. Jeff Kerkove
    August 1, 2007


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