Second Water to Fifth Water

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Derrick and I went up Diamond Fork Canyon and rode up Second Water, across Strawberry Ridge, and down Fifth Water. It has been years since I have been up Diamond Fork, so it was great to get back up in there. I had forgotten how great the trails are in the area. I am considering adding an extension to the WC route that would include some of the singletrack in the area.

Posing in my new T6 Deluxe Jersey.

The trail climbs through the sage, up into the high Alpine.

Derrick near the top of Second Water.

Motoring up the Second Water Trail.

Up on Strawberry Ridge, Strawberry Res. in the distance.

The famous Fifth Water Hot Pots. No naked bathers today. Thankfully.

Nudity Activism Graffiti…who knew?


  1. MTBikeAZ
    July 10, 2007

    Thanks for the pictures of the Fifth Water Loop. When I lived in Utah it was one of my favorite rides. Something epic always seemed to happen on that trail…

    Over the years I spied a mountain lion from about 100 feet, got chased by a mad cow, a late start left me and my buddies sliding down fifth water in the black of night – while it was raining. And the best (or worst) memory is my endo at the hot pots. I broke my sunglasses and landed in poison ivy. My legs bubbled up and itched for weeks. And yes the “bathers were” out, but that’s not why I endoed…

    There was always something on fifth water, and I still kept coming back for more. I haven’t ridden it for about 7 years. Would be good to ride it again. I’m positive it would be epic.

  2. john
    July 12, 2007

    Where is the trail? Looks very nice.

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