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This is probably the worst news I have read this summer, from DH’s blog:

my injuries are far worse than expected. In short, my heel bone is shattered and it is one of those things that doesn’t seem much at first, but is quite possibly the end of the season for me. No hard riding for 4-6 months was the last thing I heard today…other phrases included “life changing injury” and “we gotta take care of this one Dave” as if the collarbone was childs play. I’m really struggling with the reality of another long rehab right now…seems like I’m just getting going after the last one.

Ugh. At this point the “Get well soon” wishes probably just don’t help. Dave is a resilient guy, he bounces back. But it’s got to be excruciatingly hard. My thoughts are with you Dave.

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  1. Brad Mullen
    July 13, 2007

    Enjoy every day and take nothing for granted. That’s how Dave lives

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