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There is some high quality nit-picking going on over at MTBR with regards to friends and family showing up out on the trail during an unsupported event. The thread is interesting, but I think borders on crossing some lines. Namely, I don’t want to see these unsupported rides and events become overly governed and policed. I don’t want to see more rules and regulations. I think the idea of “Do it yourself” is fairly clear.

Again and again it just comes back to the integrity of the rider. If a rider wants to cheat, they will. All the rules in the world won’t prevent that.


  1. Cellarrat
    July 29, 2007

    In 100% agreement with yah Adam!

  2. StupidBike
    July 29, 2007

    Holy Crap, why did I read that thread.

    I will stick by my philosophy, I will do whatever feels right at the moment, if I get DQ’d for it, who cares, by the same token, I try and let others do whatever the hell they want as well.

    Dang my brain hurts now

  3. Dave Harris
    July 30, 2007

    Not to worry Adam. I don’t think any changes are going to come about from that thread.

    I’m sure it’s lost on many readers of the thread – but most of the “unease” came from a cascade of misunderstandings of Scott M’s original comments coupled with wildy different communication styles. It was a real test of patience on my part, but in the end I think it was mostly diffused.

    Besides, those rules apply to GDR and GLR. Any other race promoter is free to do something different as they see fit – so if the rules get cumbersome they just won’t be adopted for other events.

    It’s all good…but I’d rather be riding than writing!

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