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In the mixed overall there was a big shake-up at the top, after the previously unbeaten duo of David Harris and Lynda Wallenfels had to drop out when Harris tumbled off a bridge, smacked his head and injured his ankle. Harris was briefly knocked unconscious, and was taken off the course on a backboard as a precautionary measure.

But later in the day, the Durango, Colorado rider was spotted at the Meadow Park Base Camp, and outside of an unexpected ambulance bill, he said he was feeling okay and would definitely live to ride another day.

I read that in disbelief. And also with relief that it sounded like DH was OK.


  1. Jeff Kerkove
    July 8, 2007

    same here! Pretty crazy.

  2. Chris
    July 9, 2007

    Damn what a bummer for those 2. I’m glad DH is okay though!

  3. Jason
    July 9, 2007

    wow! glad to hear he’s ok.

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