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I thought I’d post some views from the upcoming Wasatch Classic. I thought this picture was appropriate, since during the ride, this great view of Cascade mountain will be obscured by darkness. It is also noteworthy that the background mountain contains the trail we will finish up the ride on, also possibly in the dark! […]

The Rest of the Story

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So, what’s next? Good question. I think the remainder of ’07 is coming together nicely for me, and it should be a stellar end, to what has been an eventful, and challenging, season of racing. Here’s what the next 3 months look like: August 4: The Wasatch Classic. This year we are going to ride […]


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There is some high quality nit-picking going on over at MTBR with regards to friends and family showing up out on the trail during an unsupported event. The thread is interesting, but I think borders on crossing some lines. Namely, I don’t want to see these unsupported rides and events become overly governed and policed. […]


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The Wasatch Classic is approaching, and all signs are pointing to a low key ride, maybe just 4 or 5 of us setting out on this inaugural adventure. But that doesn’t mean the group won’t work hard, and that the pace will be slack. I see the opposite happening, each of us pushing one another […]

Another Horizon

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It’s interesting how many newspapers and websites are asking variations of the same question: Can cycling be saved? Cycling does not need saving. Not the act of cycling anyway. Maybe the ProTour needs saving. But that isn’t everything that cycling is. The last few months have been interesting for me, as I have gravitated more […]

Le Tour in Pictures

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I think I forgot to mention that I have been in France the last 2 weeks taking pictures of Le Joke Tour. Here are a few I have snapped. Riders warming up, getting ready for the days stage.Vino contemplates his TT strategy…A sprint finish!Cristian Moreni after stage 9.Michael Rasmussen, just after he told the press […]


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Catherine Pass, the high point of the Wasatch Classic


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I was planning on remaining silent about Le Tour. I have watched bits of it here and there, and have been enjoying it. Then the news of Vino failing a blood test broke this morning. Are any of us surprised? It’s the second positive test in this tour, and along with speculation about Rasmussen, the […]


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The last couple days have seen me feeling like a pendulum, swinging back and forth with different emotions and thoughts. Saturday afternoon I was ready to retire from racing forever. I could see no sense in ever doing anything on the bike again. Sunday afternoon I was pouring over maps, looking over gear, and otherwise […]

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