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The Grand Loop riders will roll out in just under 4 hours. Good luck boys! That race holds an interesting place in my mind, it is something I am both drawn to, but also repulsed by. I don’t think I will ever line up for it, but that isn’t stopping me from being prepared to do so at some point…

I had hoped to be down on the GL route this weekend, prowling around the course with my cameras, but my real job has gotten heavy on the busy side. So no dice.

Tomorrow I will race at the Sundance ICUP XC, and then afterward head up to the high country, for some Wasatch Classic route blazing. The idea will be to ride the Ridge Trail to Timpanooke campground, from there around the front side of Mount Timpanogos, and then down Battle Creek Canyon to home.

If all checks out the way I think it will, that stretch will make up a nice portion of the middle of the route. From there its some nice singletrack on the BST, over to Provo Canyon, up the BST to Squaw Peak road, and then over to Hobble Creek Canyon via Camel Pass. Or some variance of that. I might try and include Big Springs to Rock Canyon to Camel Pass instead of Squaw Peak road.

Confused? I guess only the locals are following this…

The KMC is looming. I would really like to get down there for that one. New territory is always magnetic. But logistics need to be worked out. Hopefully in the next few days I will know one way or the other.

At any rate, June is here, which means races are abounding. The high country is opening up, and the days are long and longer. It all adds up to big epic rides. It’s my favorite time of year, when the possibilities seem limitless and the singletrack endless.

Viva le endless summer!

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