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The internet is a funny beast. Over the last few days there has been sufficient drama to keep me glued to the screen, hitting refresh while comfortably in my chair, enjoying the real, and imagined, suffering of others.

The real suffering? The Grand Loop. 7 started, 3 have finished, 3 have dropped out, and one hearty soul by the name of Dave Kirk is still out there. Read the play by play from the race here. It is inspiring to say the least. Especially given the overall public state of “our sport”. And by that I mean cycling in general. It’s a sad affair really. As soon as Lance creates interest from the slothful American masses, doping scandals extinguish it. I realize that doping scandals are nothing new in cycling. But when cycling is new to Average Joe, then any garbage that comes along, is also new.

What does the armchair sports fan think nowadays? I’d be enraged at all the cheating and lying going on in all the major sports. Luckily, I have an outlet, which is ironically, riding my bike. In the end I don’t really care anymore about Barry Bonds and his life of lying, or whether Floyd is guilty or innocent. After a good ride all I care about is getting food, drink and out of my chamois.

Ah..I have digressed.

The imagined suffering I mentioned above?

I say “imagined” because I can only imagine what goes through the continually clouded mind of one Stuart Dorland. At this point, it is just comedic entertainment. A diversion from doping stories is a story about a guy who is just a dope. If you read this Stuart, Stop posting on MTBR! It gains you nothing but ilk and ire!

On second thought, I do enjoy the soap opera drama of your repeated finger pointing. And the false handle (Weekendwarrior) was just pure genius man!

Perhaps I have digressed again. But I had to comment on what I suppose can be called the sublime and the ridiculous. And they both came from MTBR. From the Grand Loop reports, to Dorland (again) sparring with racers, the scope of (un)intelligent human output reaches new heights every time I log onto this here inr’et thingy.

Behold, the wit and wisdom of the public forum! No wonder Rome fell.


  1. Guitar Ted
    June 5, 2007

    Adam: I’d have to agree with you on some of that stuff you posted. Especially the Stuart stuff.

    You know, I think the reaction to all of this doping stuff is really quite similar to what we saw in the late 70’s regarding the government post Watergate. Apathy. Nobody cared and nobody thought they could make a difference.

    Maybe this cycling thing might turn out differently.

  2. Jason
    June 6, 2007

    Holy crap! I just read that MTBR thread! UNreal!! Stuart, comes off like kind of a idiot. Why does he even post??

    I got nothing against the format of the 24s. I just know I will NEVER pay that kind of money again to race. NO way in hell! Not from him, not from Granny Gear, etc,

    Sounds like Eddie O’ did great with the Burn race and the NUE races rock too, not to mention some of our local enduro races. OR hop on y our bike head to out and ride till you drop 😉


  3. Cellarrat
    June 6, 2007

    I’ve done a solo now and don’t think i’ll ever race a solo again but this is nuts…

    Much more prone to cover bogous tickets and ride my bike on my own for long long time =)

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