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The Denver Post is running an article about self supported bike racing. It is a good read, and I think accurately describes the state of this growing niche. It also showcases the “logic” that the BLM likes to use. I could go on about my feelings toward the BLM, but it just gets depressing.

Jason Blevins, the reporter who wrote the article has written several stories about endurance racing. I have spoken to him on the phone, and in person. He is a cool guy, who gets out and rides his bike, skis, snowboards, etc. It is nice to have an outdoor reporter who actually enjoys the outdoors. He was fun to talk to, and it was cool having him at the start line of the KTR. He showed up to cover the race, and got a nice bonus story from the drama with the BLM.

On the flip side of this, is the Forest Service. They are much more accommodating about these rides. The requirements for a permit are succinct and clear. Have more than 75 people (racers and spectators) coming to your event? If so then you need a permit, which can be obtained inside of a week. Instead of the convoluted 6 month process that the BLM requires.

Ah well, in the end, just ride the bike.

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  1. UtRider
    June 13, 2007

    Cool article. Thanks for posting the link.

    Are you serious about racing the E12 on the SS? One of these days I’m going to use the 32×21 for an entire ride and see what happens…

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