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I will be in Virginia for a few days visiting the in-laws. In the meantime, I highly suggest using the Great Divide Race to occupy your mind. Incredible stuff coming out of that one. Some Aaron Teasdale photos from the the first day or two. The Leaderboard Jon Hurley crossing a washed out road. Photo […]

The E12: In Summary

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Bob captured my sentiment well… The 12 Hours of Endurance started well. The laps were ticking by, feeling easy and fast. By midday I was feeling immortal, just motoring along. Heart Rate was spot on, perceived effort was good, stomach felt great. Around 3:30-4:00 I started feeling some stomach discomfort, and by 4:30 I was […]

Big and Bigger

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Maybe the Grand Loop and the Great Divide are doing the talking. Or perhaps it is the new toy I got, in the form of National Geographic TOPO, maybe it is both…but the imagination is running rampant, and so are the possibilities of what can be done on a bicycle. But I am getting ahead […]

Solo-izing the SS

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I put some new parts on the Ramble Tamble to get it ready for this Saturday. A beefy Panaracer Rampage will take the hits up front, while a speedy Maxxis Crossmark will keep things moving forward from the rear. A new Salsa 32T front chainring, new chain, carbon riser bar and team green Ergon GE1’s […]


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My hit counter recently ticked over 101,000 hits. I realize other sites get a lot more hits, but I thought this was a cool milestone. So, thanks for reading everybody! Sometimes people sort of laugh when I tell them I have a blog. The conversation goes about like this: “You have a blog? What do […]


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I got out and scouted a bit for the Wasatch Classic route Saturday. I wanted to connect the dots from the start, all the way to Battle Creek Canyon. There is a some very nice singletrack that traverses the front of Big Baldy, and then plunges down through thick trees into Battle Creek. Some portions […]


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The Wasatch Classic route is taking shape. I’ve been staring at the computer screen, flying over topo maps, importing old GPS tracks, and drawing beta routes for hours. It is a ton of fun! Here is a little sneak peak at what I am considering for the “southern half” of the route. For reference, this […]

The Great Divide

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We’re bobbing on the surfaceand the shadow glides belowThey say she feels my heartbeatOh..But how I’ll never know That it’s the ocean flowing in our veinsOh..That it’s the salt that’s in our tearsOh..’Cause we could have come so very farOh..In at least as many years! Take the highway through the Great Divide I’m building you […]

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