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Originally, I had posted only the above picture. But some good music and daydreaming led me back to the keyboard. With more thoughts.

It’s no secret to those I ride regularly with that I love the Kokopelli Trail. I think my riding and training buddies grow tired of me beginning every other story with “On the KT…”. But the truth is, that race changed the way I look at riding in general. It opened up new doors, new ideas, and totally redefined the way I look at challenges and obstacles. On and off the bike.

But it’s not just the race that draws me back to that route. It’s everything else about it as well. The scenery, the magnitude, the contrast of desert meeting mountain. I get a “tough guy” feeling when I read in trail guides that “generally the trail is toured in 4-6 days.”

From beginning to end, the KT represents everything I love about endurance racing. And, it could be argued, represents everything I shy away from as well. There is better singletrack out there, maybe more exciting trails as well, but nothing else seems to have the mystique of the desert, combined with the daunting challenge of the mountains.

Next week the race will happen again. Only time will tell if the mojo from last year repeats itself. It probably won’t, after all, a first time is an only time. But I am sure that whatever next week brings it will only add to the allure of that place.


  1. Dave Harris
    May 11, 2007

    So true, that route is full of mojo. It helps too that you are going somewhere, not just back to where you started…and this year’s direction with the La Sals taunting in the distance for much of the ride…

    Just be sure to turn up the MP3 on the shandy 😉

  2. Dave Byers
    May 11, 2007

    I don’t know if I am ready but I am definitely looking forward to this one. As I pre rode I could see the snow capped LaSals and I kept thinking, “We’re not going over THOSE are we? They look so far away.”

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