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Monday was the 2nd Annual Stan Crane Memorial Race. I never knew Stan, but I was honored to race in his memory with so many people who did know him. The turnout was huge, one of the biggest of the season. I lined up with 20 or so other singlespeeders, and off we went.

I can feel the viking in me emerging more and more, especially when I compete on the Ramble Tamble. There is a lot more grunting, oomphing, toungue wagging, and mashing. Spinning? Whats that?

The course was good for the SS. Long sustained climbs, followed by white knuckle descents. By the time I rolled across the line my hands had nice blisters torn across the palms. Hmm. I love my R1 grips, but for rigid singlespeeding I am not sure they are the right choice. I think I need to look into these.

The field was supa fast. Kenny, Brad, John, and a host of others turned out to mash the pedals. I felt spanky, and the legs responded to my viking outbursts, and still I only managed a 9th place finish. My time was pretty competitive though, and for the number of SS legends that lined it up, I can’t be to disappointed.

I got to meet a lot of new folks, put faces to some local bloggers, and spend the rest of the afternoon BBQing in Karl’s backyard with several Mad Doggers.

All in all a good holiday.

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