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So, Old Man Winter must have read my blog, and decided to pull another trick out his bottomless bag. I truly am sorry I had the audacity to say that summer had arrived. The momentary lapse in common sense and long term memory is inexcusable. In reality, the trails needed a bit of moisture, especially out at 5 Mile Pass, where Saturday’s XC race will be. But I could have done without the 40 degree drop in temperature.

After my ride the other day I saw this at a nearby car dealership. I don’t think Sager has enough middle fingers to cover this atrocity. It’s going to take a group effort to knock this one down.

24 Solo arrived in the mail today. Time to lounge on the couch and enjoy it!


  1. Cellarrat
    May 4, 2007

    We should rent that for the KTR shuttle back to Fruita 😉

  2. Ed
    May 4, 2007

    Curses!! And now the inclement weather is heading this way.

    Enjoy the weekend. I have not forgotten about sending you those original pictures….any day now 🙂


  3. StupidBike
    May 4, 2007

    yet it won’t be dusty 🙂

  4. primetime formerly known as slyfox
    May 4, 2007

    if it rained and a flood of 4 feet came that would be the only place on earth left dusty.
    sager moved to boulder, no h2’s down there and the mavs are gone fishin.
    i wonder if we will see you at the 7 mile tomorrow

  5. Adam Lisonbee
    May 4, 2007


    I will be there on the SS, assuming the wether is not terrible. I am tired of racing in the mud.

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